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Trang Underwater Wedding


Underwater weddingOn February 14, or Valentines Day, of every year since 1996. The Underwater Wedding Ceremony has been arranged in Trang Province, Thailand. The Ceremony has gained much worldwide recognition and has been recored in the Guinness World of Recorded.

Thirty couples from Thailand and around the world stage a special wedding ceremony, held on St Valentine's Day under the crystal clear waters of Trang in South Thailand. If you're planning to wed around February, or are already married but wishing to renew your vows, you are eligible to participate - but you must be a qualified diver!

Participating Thai and foreign bridegrooms and brides are warmly greeted when they arrive at Trang Airport, and then they parade around Trang Municipality. The colourful Khan Maak procession in long-tailed boats takes them to Ko Kradan island for their spectacular 40-feet-underwater ceremony.






Partly due to its widely publicized "Largest Underwater Wedding Ceremony" which earns it an entry in the Guinness Book of Records, Koh Kradan is now one of the best known islands. The innovative 'weddings underwater' first launched in 1997, is now an annual Valentine's Day event which attracts more people every year, who sign marine marital commitments in Scuba gear at a depth of 12 meters. This ceremony is held for the first time as a part of the Underwater Wedding Ceremony in order to fully complete the Thai traditional wedding ceremony. This tradition is believed to bring peace and long lasting relationship to the couples.

The Underwater marriage registration will be held 12 meters under the sea in front of Kradan island. The brides and grooms, separated will dive down into the blue sea, filled with colorful fish school, to the white sand ocean floor. There, they will meet with the district officer who will witness and approve their marriage certificate. All prospective newly-weds holding an international divers license may participate.

Organizer Contact:
Trang Chamber of Commerce
Tel. 0 7521 0238, 0 7522 5353

Thumrin Thana Hotel
Tel. 0 2863 3288 ext. 210
Fax. 0 2438 0225

TAT Southern Office Region 2
Tel. 0 7534 6515






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